About the game is one of the most popular IO games that have gained massive popularity due to their simplicity and addictive gameplay. These games are free to play and offer a wide range of choices. You can be anything from a worm fighting for food, to a small cell that absorbs others and splits into atoms when threatened, to a brave tanker with a gun at the ready. The main goal is to survive, become the biggest or destroy as many opponents as possible. In you join hundreds of players from around the world in a world inhabited by various slimy creatures. Here you will take part in exciting football competitions. The game features a special round arena with several soccer goals guarded by these creatures. You will control one of them, with two goals participating in the game. Your task is to control your character to hit the balls and try to score goals in the opponent's goal.

Games like

  • A game where you control a worm fighting for food and survival against other players.

  • A game where you play as a small cell that absorbs others to grow larger while avoiding being eaten.

  • A game where you control a tank and shoot down your opponents while trying to survive.

What are the advantages of playing

Playing offers several advantages. It offers a unique blend of football and survival gameplay, making it an exciting experience. The game encourages strategic thinking as you plan your moves to score goals while avoiding your opponents. It also fosters a sense of competition as you play against hundreds of players from around the world. Finally, is free to play, making it accessible to everyone.