Viking Dragon

Viking Dragon

About game «Viking Dragon»

Today in the game Viking Dragon you will help your new friend - Viking Olaf. He has recently succeeded in what no one has ever been able to achieve. Olaf finally tamed the dragon. Now they just spill water, and travel together to different regions to fight for justice and destroy all evil. And you will become their indispensable guide. The game begins with the fact that in front of you you will see Olaf sitting on a dragon. They will fly through the jungle, and on the way to meet them will move all sorts of monsters. They will want to attack you, but you will need to repel that attack and try not to get killed. Coins will also be scattered on your way. It is desirable to collect them, so that later you can get various additional bonuses for them. We know it for sure that you will love this game! Have fun!

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