Spiderman Vs Naruto

Spiderman Vs Naruto

About game «Spiderman Vs Naruto»

Clouding of the mind happens not only among ordinary people, but also among superheroes. This happened to Naruto, who left the path of a fighter against evil and went over to the side of darkness himself. Spider-Man found out about this, who intends to return the distraught Naruto to the right path. It will be an epic fight. The confrontation between Spider-Man and Naruto will last for 10 levels, each of which you must successfully complete if you want to get access to the next round. Start the battle from the first level. You have to control Spider-Man, who will fight Naruto's adherents. In this fight, his superpowers will not be useful to him, and to fight the crowds of angry ninjas, you should use hand-to-hand combat techniques. The character will move around the battle arena if you press the arrow keys.

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