Pony Pet Salon

Pony Pet Salon

About game «Pony Pet Salon»

All ponies want to look beautiful, and they have this opportunity in the game Pony Pet Salon. Of course, the pony girls themselves: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle cannot decorate themselves, but you can help them with this. Choose any of the three pony girls and click on it with the mouse. First, comb the head on both sides of any of the ponies. After that, makeup is applied to the animal's face with a special brush and paints on the palette. Of course, all the ponies want to have their hair dyed with a new color, because the old one has already bored them for a long time. Hurry to turn the beauty ponies into unicorns if they want to, or decorate their manes with curlers to make it even more beautiful. Rainbow Dash, for example, has very naughty hair, and therefore will have to work on it. Interestingly, the game has the technical ability to return the original look to the ponies, if you somehow didn't like your own work and wanted to start all over again!

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