Hidden Object – Home Makeover 2

Hidden Object – Home Makeover 2

About the game Hidden Object - Home Makeover 2

With the New Year holidays approaching, Alice, the game's protagonist, decides to visit her winter cottage. In Hidden Object - Home Makeover 2, you will accompany Alice on her weekend trip to check out her house and help her clean it up. The multi-room house has been untouched for a while and needs a thorough cleaning. Armed with a broom and rags, you will help Alice get rid of dust, cobwebs, and last year's trash. The final task is to organize things and get the house ready for the holidays.

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What are the features of the game - Hidden Object - Home Makeover 2

Hidden Object - Home Makeover 2 is not just a game, but a fun way to stimulate your mind. It improves your attention to detail as you search for hidden objects. The game also encourages problem solving as you decide where to place items around the house. In addition, the beautiful graphics and engaging storyline make Hidden Object - Home Makeover 2 an enjoyable pastime. So why wait? Join Alice on her cleaning adventure and experience the satisfaction of a well-organized home!