Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes

About game «Merge Cakes»

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of incredibly mouth-watering and fragrant cakes that you have to combine. Try to be as focused and attentive as possible so as not to be distracted by sweets, but to complete the game mission as quickly and accurately as possible. On the playing field there will be a table consisting of several cells. Different sweets will appear in each of them. You should connect the same treats with the mouse. You can also create new treats consisting of several sweets, which later also need to be removed from the playing field by connecting them together. Complete all levels and earn as many coins as possible by completing each task in the game. This game can also be played endlessly, even if you are not in the game. Just when you play it one more time, you will see a significant progress in your resources. So have fun!

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