Hole vs Bombs

Hole vs Bombs

About game «Hole vs Bombs»

You have to manage the hole. Move this hole all over the field, collecting different blocks and diamonds. The task is to collect all the elements of the yellow shade. If even one bomb hits the hole, then you will lose! Bombs can also fall from the sky, and when they explode, they will repel all nearby objects. Customize the hole by accumulating purple crystals. The game has 100 exciting levels, in which you are welcome to test your dexterity! Be extremely attentive and careful. At first there will be very easy levels so as to get hang of it, but then they will become more complex and you will need to apply your strategic thinking in order to capture all yellow cubes, but leave the bomb. Sometimes there will be the tiniest distance between the hole and the bomb, so you must hold your mouse and not to make unnecessary movements.

Watch how to play: