Bank Cash Transit 3D: Security Van Simulator

Bank Cash Transit 3D: Security Van Simulator

About game «Bank Cash Transit 3D: Security Van Simulator»

Bank Cash Transit 3D: Security Van Simulator is not just a game with a lot of tasks related to transporting money to various places and completing passing tasks, it is a whole world full of dangers and various scenarios that you can play in. Of course, you got a good military van, which is used by the collection service, but you also need to take care of it, fearing for an attack or just an accident that cannot be avoided if you do not follow the traffic rules. Before you start, it is better for you to forget everything that you knew about driving a car, since now you will become not only a person working for a service that delivers money, but also a real security guard, able to complete the task entrusted to him without adventures and problems. Each mission begins with a background, so be attentive to the instructions and follow them unquestioningly, this is the only way you can survive, avoid being robbed by the mafia and take part in catching criminals yourself.

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