GTA Games

Experience the thrilling open-world adventures of the Grand Theft Auto series. This franchise allows you to immerse yourself in virtual cities inspired by iconic American urban landscapes. Each game in the series offers a sandbox environment, where players can choose to follow structured missions or explore freely to uncover the world's secrets.

These GTA games are renowned for their deep narrative, complex characters, and a satirical portrayal of modern society. Players can interact with a vast array of NPC characters, embark on side missions, and engage in criminal activities that reflect a gritty, realistic underworld. Customization is key, allowing for personalized characters and vehicles, alongside a wide selection of weaponry.

The series challenges players with moral decisions that influence the storyline and game dynamics, enhancing the replay value. Engaging in activities ranging from car theft to leading criminal operations, the GTA games offer an expansive experience that has captivated a global audience, cementing its status as a groundbreaking franchise in the video gaming world.

What are the best free GTA games for gadgets and desktops?

  1. GTA Crime Simulator
  2. Miami Crime Simulator 3D
  3. Top Speed Racing 3D
  4. GTA Puzzle Challenge
  5. GT Highway Car Driving: Busy Roads Racer
  6. Bank Cash Transit 3D: Security Van Simulator
  7. GTA: Save My City
  8. Racing GTA Cars
  9. Gangster Story: Underworld Criminal Empire Mafia
  10. Fire Storm