GTA: Save My City

GTA: Save My City

About game «GTA: Save My City»

The world of GTA is so huge that a variety of incidents take place in it. If earlier you had to act on the side of bandits and criminals, now you should take the path of the law, putting on the uniform of a policeman. Yes, now you are a cop! You have a lot of tasks ahead that must not be delayed. The game has 10 missions for you, and within them you will have to catch bandits, chase them and track down a criminal gang. You don't have to run after them - use the police car. You can leave it at any time to continue pursuing intruders. When completing game tasks, it is very important not to hesitate, but to try to do everything as soon as possible. Only in this way you will not allow the bandit to hide, and the city will once again plunge into depression due to the growth of crime. During the police service, no one will help you, so count on your strength. Sometimes you have to be tough and aggressive, so be prepared for this. Otherwise, the criminals will remain unpunished!

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