Commando Attack

Commando Attack

About game «Commando Attack»

You are ordered to go on a special operation, which consists of eliminating opponents located in enemy territory. You need to get to the base and eliminate the opponent soldiers before they have time to get away with you. Each mission includes specific conditions, so you need to follow them in order to move on to the next interesting task. The circumstances that you will have to face are different, so you have to get the hang of adjusting and unconditionally follow the commander's order. Remain safe and sound, let your name go down in history. It is proposed to go through a large number of different missions that have certain conditions that must be followed, otherwise it will not be possible to move to another stage. The goal is to eliminate soldiers from a foreign squad, this will prevent them from attacking your base. Shoot to kill everyone who gets in the way. Hide behind shelters, from where it will be easier to shoot enemies and you will be able to escape from injuries. If you are hit by a bullet, then look for a first-aid kit at the location, with the help of which you can heal. Try to find new weapons and ammunition.

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