Among Them - Find Us

Among Them - Find Us

About game «Among Them - Find Us»

Among Them - Find Us is a game based on the famous multiplayer online game Among Us. But the players this time face a completely different task. The bottom line is that you will see images of impostors, among which will be hidden translucent 10 small impostors. Your task is to find them all in a limited period of time. With each level, time will decrease, and looking for impostors will be harder and harder. As soon as you see at least one hero, click on him immediately. Do not try to click on the whole picture at once, because for this you will be fined and deducted the amount of time given to search for imposters in the picture. Be very careful, because they are not so easy to find. We believe that you will succeed! A little tip: make the screen brighter to the maximum to better see where the imposters are hidden.

Watch how to play: