GTA Puzzle Challenge

GTA Puzzle Challenge

About game «GTA Puzzle Challenge»

If you love GTA games and assembling puzzles, then by all means play this game. Familiar characters and locations from the legendary game series await you, with which it is very exciting to spend your free time. 12 pictures await you, which you are invited to assemble. Connect your friends and collect puzzles together! For each puzzle, you can choose the difficulty level. The more difficult it is, the more puzzles you have to put together to get the whole picture. Unlike other similar games, there is no need to rush into action here. Collect as many puzzles as you need. If you feel that you cannot cope with assembling the picture, then start all over again or choose another difficulty. Also, if you suddenly become bored from the picture you are gathering, you can always choose another one, because we prepared 12 bright pictures in this game. Have fun!

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