Mergest Kingdom

Mergest Kingdom
Mergest Kingdom

Developer Company: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.
Published: May 28, 2021
Game Technology: HTML5, Javascript
Compatible Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Playable On: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS

About Mergest Kingdom

Step into the magical world of Mergest Kingdom, a captivating browser-based online game that takes you on a journey of fairy tales and challenging quests. In this game, you are tasked with combining a variety of objects to build a thriving kingdom in the mystical Seventh Realm. It's a game that demands your creativity and strategic thinking.

As you traverse the enchanting landscapes, you'll gather and harvest resources that you can use to design and customize your own island. Your kingdom is a reflection of your unique vision, and you can make it as grand or as quaint as you like. Combine different pieces and objects to construct impressive buildings and grow bountiful crops. The more you build and the more bountiful your crops, the more glorious your Mergest Kingdom will become.

But the key to rebuilding your kingdom lies in your mastery of merging items. Merge dragons, trees, gems, and other intriguing items you discover as you explore. Combine them strategically to unlock new and powerful elements, expand your options, and create a harmonious and prosperous kingdom. The fairytale kingdom of Mergest Kingdom is counting on you!

Playing Mergest Kingdom has many benefits. It stimulates your strategic thinking and creativity as you merge various objects to create a prosperous kingdom. It also improves your problem-solving skills as you navigate through challenging quests. In addition, the game provides a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience with its enchanting fairy tale theme and captivating graphics. Finally, Mergest Kingdom is a browser-based game, making it easily accessible and convenient to play anytime, anywhere.

How to Play Mergest Kingdom?

  • Merge and combine pieces to save the Kingdom!