Pizza Delivery Puzzles

Pizza Delivery Puzzles

About game «Pizza Delivery Puzzles»

Pizza Delivery Puzzles is a logical game, where your task is to navigate a way between the pizzeria and the point to which you have to bring the pizza. Click or touch road blocks to rotate them and connect with one another. Continue connecting the road blocks until you make a path. Jack needs to get the hot pizza delivered to the customer immediately. But what can he do if there is no road to his house - you have to help Jack and quickly build a way from the pizzeria to the customer's house in the online game Pizza Delivery Puzzles. For this purpose, turn the parts of the road so that they connect and form a single road network. This logic puzzle will help you have fun and exercise your brain. Use all your thinking and deliver the pizza as fast as possible. The game will help you to train your logical thinking and then apply these skills in real life!

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