Stickman Team Force 2

Stickman Team Force 2

About game «Stickman Team Force 2»

Stickman was doing nothing for a long time when the phone rang. It appears that he is asked to go on an adventurous mission to the ancient pyramids of Cairo, where a team of archaeologists wants to perform new excavations. And our character is required there as a guard! Go with this guy and make sure everything is alright. As the archaeologists wanted it did not work out, and they completely unknowingly awakened the ancient evil. The curse of the pharaohs manifested itself, turning everyone who was in the tomb into terrible monsters. But fortunately, the expedition included trained fighters who know what to do in a similar situation, and one of these fighters is your hero. Your task is to quickly stop the evil before it breaks out beyond the conditional zone and turns everyone into zombies. Have much fun, dear friends!

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