Batman Сar Driver

Batman Сar Driver

About game «Batman Сar Driver»

Welcome to the addicting racing game in which you will drive Batman's car and drive through all the obstacles. There are only 30 levels in the game that you need to go through and prove to everyone that you are a good driver. Collect coins on the way to the finish line, for which you can buy a new car in the garage or improve your current car. Also, watch the health of your car so as not to lose the level and start over. After entering the game, you are taken to the main menu, where you can enter your garage or start completing your first level. Your task is simple, you must reach the finish line and not lose all the health of your car. You can control it using the AD keys, and if you want to jump, you need to press the W key. Good luck with the game, dear friends, and have much fun playing Batman Сar Driver!

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