Smash Ragdoll Battle

Smash Ragdoll Battle

About game «Smash Ragdoll Battle»

In short, this is one of the most unusual fighting games that you have ever played, fighting for one of the ragdolls, and there are a lot of reasons and, of course, explanations for that. There are several modes, maps and even the ability to upgrade weapons and the character himself using all sorts of bonuses. Let's start with the modes, there are three of them here. The first mode is standard - you fight with only one enemy using a weapon. In the second mode, you have to fight with several enemies, well, in the last third, there will be only one enemy, but both of you will not have weapons. After the battle, if you, of course, won, you will receive bonus bonuses, with the help of which you can look into the improvement workshop and upgrade something or acquire new weapons, skills and abilities.

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