MathPup Story

MathPup Story

About the game MathPup Story

MathPup Story is a challenging puzzle game that requires strategic thinking and problem solving skills. In this game, you control a puppy named MathPup whose mission is to collect all the objects in each level to advance to the next. The primary goal is to collect as many bones as possible, then strategically move the boxes to collect the remaining items. However, you can only move crates that are aligned with the hero. Be careful, as the level will fail if a puppy or bone falls down. After completing his daily math homework, MathPup goes on a quest to find dog bones. In this platform puzzle game, help MathPup capture the dog bone in each level by skillfully pushing and pulling boxes so that MathPup can safely reach the dog bone's location. Use the arrow keys to move the boxes or MathPup around the screen. Tap the icon between the four arrows to switch between controlling the boxes and MathPup. After MathPup, boxes can only be moved horizontally or vertically.

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What are the benefits of the game - MathPup Story

Playing MathPup Story not only provides entertainment, but also stimulates the brain. It develops strategic thinking and problem solving skills, which are essential in real life situations. The game's levels increase in difficulty, providing players with a constant challenge. In addition, MathPup Story's cute puppy protagonist and engaging gameplay make it a fun and enjoyable game for all ages. Finally, the game's integration of math concepts subtly promotes learning while playing, making MathPup Story a perfect blend of education and entertainment.