Kart Race 3D

Kart Race 3D

About game «Kart Race 3D»

Karting is an incredible sport. People who are fond of karting can definitely improve their skills in many areas. And this applies to both soft and hard skills. Of course, in order to be skilled in karting, you need to drive a car perfectly, perform various tricks and maneuvers and not be afraid of high speed. If you still don't know how to do this, you have a unique chance to learn it in our new game Kart Race 3D. Here everything is arranged like in a real go-kart. But the developers have also prepared for you many additional features that make the game even more interesting and fun. First of all, pay attention to what beautiful 3D graphics are present in this game! We would want to play this game forever with such colors and details! Also, while driving, your vehicle can receive various bonuses, and thus facilitate your way to victory. Good luck!

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