Defend The Beach

Defend The Beach

About game «Defend The Beach»

Your cannon is positioned in the heart of a little sandy sea beach, and your mission is to repel an amphibious invasion of invaders arriving from the sea. Who else will safeguard the country, which may be taken over in no time, if not you? The game has superb, if simple, visuals, a very standard narrative, and the most basic controls. Planes, as well as hostile ships, are approaching you. If the situation grows critical, summon the airplane, but it will only be able to assist you three times. Prepare for battle if you desire peace!A big enemy force is closing in on you, ready to rip everything apart and seize the whole coast in a matter of minutes. In your arsenal, you have a large black gun. It allows you to shoot by merely inputting words. To knock out opposing soldiers, type phrases as quickly as you can shoot. Press Space or Escape to avoid typing words. You have the power to summon a bomber that can kill a single group of enemy troops at a time. The Shift key is used to summon the plane. However, planes may only be summoned three times, after which you must rely only on a gun and your own abilities! Prepare yourself for brutal opponents, which is why you'll need to display incredible stamina and courage!

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