About game «Dexomon»

On some planet, lost in space, fantastic Dexomon beings resige. Actually, there exist a few sorts of them, which all the time are at war with each other because of the land. You will be in charge of one of them. Wondering across the globe you will have to deal with different opponents. When you see the adversary, eliminate them. To attack and defend, you will have to apply a corresponding control tab. On it you will see pictures that are meant for attack and protection. Applying them in a proper way, you can kill the opponent and receive points for it. It's time to get your monsters ready by trying to kill all other opponents in this Pokemon style game. Select your Dexomon for a start, then kill other creatures to incorporate them to your collection. Defeat other players while testing your little warriors. Keep advancing your monsters until you finish all tasks in this fantastic online game.

Watch how to play: