About game «Dexomon»

Fantastic Dexomon beings resige on some planet, lost in space. Actually, there are several types of them, all of whom are always at odds with one another over territory. One of them will be your responsibility. As you go over the world, you will encounter a variety of opponents. Eliminate the opponent as soon as you spot them. To attack and defend, you'll need to use the appropriate control tab. On it, you'll find images intended for both assault and defense. You can kill your opponent and get points for it if you use them correctly. In this Pokemon-style game, it's time to prepare your monsters by attempting to kill all of your opponents. To begin, choose your Dexomon, then kill other creatures to add them to your collection. Defeat other players while putting your young warriors to the test. Continue to advance your monsters until you've completed all of the missions in this wonderful online game.

Watch how to play: