5 nights at Pomni's. Digital circus!

5 nights at Pomni's. Digital circus!

About game «5 nights at Pomni's. Digital circus!»

In 5 nights at Pomni's. Digital circus!, you find yourself thrust into a nightmarish world of horror and suspense. As a security guard tasked with monitoring the circus's surveillance cameras, you must navigate the treacherous maze of the Digital Circus and survive five harrowing nights.

However, lurking within the shadows of the circus is the malevolent Pomni, a sinister doll with a thirst for terror. Each night, Pomni stalks the corridors of the circus, seeking out unsuspecting workers to prey upon. Your only defense against Pomni's relentless pursuit is to rely on your wits and surveillance skills. Monitor the cameras closely, keeping a vigilant eye on Pomni's movements and whereabouts. Stay alert and be prepared to react swiftly to any signs of danger. But beware, for Pomni is cunning and elusive, capable of appearing when you least expect it. Can you outsmart this diabolical doll and survive the nightmarish ordeal of the Digital Circus? The fate of the workers and your own survival rests in your hands.