Mommy: Washing Clothes

Mommy: Washing Clothes

About game «Mommy: Washing Clothes»

See how many dirty things are in the mommy's bathroom. She is a mother of two and is expecting a third child. It is not sweet for her! The abdomen, which by the eighth month has become noticeably rounded, does not allow the necessary movements to be performed. Mommy is unable to lift the laundry basket and load the clothes into the washing machine. What to say about drying clothes! You can help her in this matter! First you must sort all clothes into two groups. There will be colorful and white clothes. These two groups must not be washed together. Then we will load the first group of garments into washing machine. After that find the laundry detergent and put it into the washing machine. When everything is ready, close the appliance and turn it on. This game is useful for young ladies, because in the future they will do all this in real life by themselves. So enjoy and have fun!

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