Boat Simulator 2

Boat Simulator 2

About game «Boat Simulator 2»

Boat Simulator 2 is a great opportunity to learn how to sail a boat without taking any courses. After all, how romantic it is to go to meet the sunset on a beautiful ship that just soars above the waves and carries you to meet the sun. Agree, everyone wants to feel this. But in order to get one step closer to all this, you must first at least understand how to operate the boat. And simulators are a great opportunity to do it right now. Two of the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean are waiting for you. They fascinate with their beauty and tranquility. You will have at your disposal not only a boat, but also a yacht, a large warship and even a submarine. You will be able to learn how to manage not only surface, but also underwater transport. To develop your driving skill, ride a boat you like, do various tricks, since there are enough springboards for this.

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