Ragdoll Shooter

Ragdoll Shooter

About game «Ragdoll Shooter»

Let's try your hand, accuracy, agility and speed in an entertaining game Ragdoll Shooter. This is an incredibly addictive game in which you can take part in a real duel. It will be a difficult battle, so try your best and defeat your opponent in a one-on-one duel. As soon as the game starts, you find yourself on the roof of the tower, your duel with your opponent will take place at this location. Your weapon will automatically be in your hands. You should be sensitive and be the first to accurately shoot at your opponent, thereby getting ahead of him. To make a shot, you need to use the mouse. In order to aim the barrel of the pistol at your opponent, you need to click on the screen with your left mouse, then click again so that the bullet hits the target. Keep in mind that you need to shoot several times, because with one shot you will not defeat your opponent. At the top of the screen, you can also monitor your health and the health of your opponent. Therefore, when one of you has an indicator at zero, the duel will be over. Don't worry if you don't win this battle, you still have a chance to try to win.

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