Stickman Street Fighter 3D

Stickman Street Fighter 3D

About game «Stickman Street Fighter 3D»

In the city where Stickman lives, crime is rampant. The police have long been desperate to turn the tide. Only our brave hero challenges various gangs and just weirdos who harass him on the street. Help the character to bravely fight enemies in the online game Stickman Street Fighter 3D. Stickman is once again in the thick of the action of a street battle and he cannot survive in a fierce battle without your help. Move along the street, engage in battles with numerous opponents and prevail over them. To make it easier in battles, try to pick up all the items with which you can inflict more damage on your opponent. With each new stage, you have to defeat more and more enemies, so act carefully and as quickly as possible. Together with the online game Stickman Street Fighter 3D, you can completely relax and have a great free time. Good luck!

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