Running Ted

Running Ted

About game «Running Ted»

For all the lovers of educational and lego games, this fantastic game is presented on our website. It will keep you playing for hours in front of the screen to try and overcome difficulties. You need to run across the land, try to avoid the barriers that come on your path. You need to come to the finish of the level in 59 seconds, so you need to be extremely quick while running. Have a good time showing us your excellent skills, avoiding all barriers so you can progress to the end of the game. Keep in mind that you need to press only two key buttons on your keyboard in order to play the game. Use M in order to jump and use X in order to run faster. Sometimes you will need such speed booster when you will have to jump over a huge barriers or a hole. If you do not speed up, you might fail, so be careful and attentive. We believe that you will make a good player!

Watch how to play: