Correct Math

Correct Math

About game «Correct Math»

How do you like mathematics? Or do you think that learning to count and learning the rules of arithmetic is very boring? No, this is not at all true. If, of course, you will learn these useful skills with the help of our new educational games! Just start the game and try all the steps. It's easy, but soon you will learn to do without a calculator and count in your head. A game with simple rules. Here, you are only required to read the problem carefully and choose the correct answer from three different options. Do it with the mouse. If you answer correctly, then a new task appears along with the options for answers to it. In case of an error, a signal sounds and you will not receive points for an unresolved example. At the initial stage, all tasks are simple. You must be as fast as you can, because for every right answer you are given extra seconds. So have fun!

Watch how to play: