Shopping Mall Tycoon

Shopping Mall Tycoon

About game «Shopping Mall Tycoon»

A boy named Jack wants to establish his own business. You will be his partner and grow it into Shopping Mall Tycoon. Your character will have a specific amount of money. A city map will be visible on the screen, which will display the areas where you can construct stores. You will need to select a certain location and construct your first building there. When the building is finished, citizens will start entering it and it will start bringing a profit. Construct a few small stores for the starter. When their incomes become significant enough, purchase a large piece of land and construct a huge shopping mall on it. Thus, by doing such actions, you gradually expand your business network. Business is not easy occupation, so if you want to become a businessman in the future, you must start getting ready for it from an early age. And such games will help you a lot. Have fun!

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