About Business Games

Video games have evolved from mere entertainment to a burgeoning platform for learning real-world skills. Have you ever heard of business games? It's an exciting fusion of business and gaming that helps gamers learn the intricacies of running a business and making strategic plans. Even better, it's done in a fun, engaging environment where mistakes don't result in real financial loss.

Both top executives looking to improve their strategic planning skills and young adults preparing to storm the entrepreneurial scene will find this category of games interesting and informative. With origins dating back to 1956 with games such as "Top Management", business games have come a long way, with massive improvements in graphics, gameplay variety and realism.

What types of business games are there?

Business games are an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of gaming experiences, all with the unifying theme of "business". Games in this category allow players to control virtual businesses and manage financial operations. It can revolve around numerous industries, offering players a virtual tour of fields such as construction, agriculture, hotel management, restaurant operations, and more.

Renowned game developers such as Bigpoint Games and Upjers have created unforgettable classics in this genre that still have a significant following. Each game offers its own unique twist, bringing a sense of novelty to the table. For example, some games may focus more on logistics, requiring you to source materials, plan production lines, and maintain an efficient distribution network. In comparison, others might focus on financial management and expansion strategies.

What you can learn from business games

Just as music can be used to tell a story or convey emotions, business games can provide valuable business education. They can teach you about resource allocation, decision making, strategic planning, and financial management, to name a few. You can also learn about market competition, customer satisfaction, and service delivery.

Best Online Business Games

  • Big Business Deluxe: A city-building strategy game where you're tasked with transforming your small town into a modern megapolis.
  • Business Tycoon Online: A browser game that lets you manage and grow a business from a small shop to an international corporation.
  • Corporation Inc: A game that gives you the responsibility of building and maintaining a profitable business.
  • Capitalism II: A game that challenges your business intuition, where you can manufacture products, run stores and manage inventory.
  • Airlines Tycoon: A game that challenges your management skills to run an airline, manage your fleet and revenues.


Business games serve as a bridge between the exciting world of gaming and the realistic landscape of business. They provide a risk-free platform to experiment with different strategies, make mistakes, learn, and build a virtual empire. Whether you want to delve into the corporate world or hone your strategic planning skills, business games are the category to be in.