About Descendants Games

Descendant Games are a category of games that are gaining immense popularity among gamers, especially the younger generation. The genre was inspired by the widely acclaimed Disney movie Descendants, which was released in 2017. The phenomenal success of the film sparked the emergence of various Descendants games, which have penetrated numerous areas of our lifestyle and marketing.

The creator behind the remarkable Descendants movie is the visionary Kenny Ortega, who successfully managed to combine the musical genre with science fiction. The film not only catapulted its cast to global fame, but also breathed life into a cast of compelling characters that became the basis for the Descendants games. These characters, descendants of legendary fairy tale figures such as Maleficent, Cruella De Ville, the Evil Queen, Jafar, and more, form the core of the story.

What types of Descendants games are there?

Descendants games provide an authentic Disney experience by using the original characters from the Descendants movie, creating a familiar terrain for players. Released in a wide range of categories and genres, these games venture into adventure, travel, combat, competition, and more, each with a compelling storyline.

Games in this genre are highly stylized, as each character in the movie has a distinct style that contributes to the unique aesthetic of the games. In addition, a significant portion of the games are aimed at girls, with sub-genres such as dress up and makeover, giving players the opportunity to indulge in fashion.

Learning in Descendants Games

While the Descendants games appeal to the fun factor, they also contain learning elements designed to engage young players. Educational games, puzzle games, drawing and coloring books are part of this interesting spectrum. As the Descendants universe expands, players will learn more about their favorite characters and their fascinating mystical world.

Best Online Descendants Games

  • Descendants: Isle of the Lost Rush - An exciting adventure game that allows players to explore new landscapes while racing against time.
  • Descendants: Auradon Travel Guide - This game takes players on a virtual journey through the United States of Auradon, helping them to discover exciting locations.
  • Descendants: Smarte Couture - A fashion-themed game that allows players to get creative and design their own outfits.
  • Descendants: Party at Auradon - A fun-filled simulation of adventurous parties in the magical kingdom.
  • Descendants: Devious Decorator - This game encourages creativity as players get to decorate their own virtual Descendants-themed room.


Steeped in intriguing storylines and vivid imagery, Descendants games have successfully created an interactive platform for players to connect with their favorite movie characters. While these games provide avenues for fun, they also subtly incorporate the beauty of learning through play. The popularity of the these games has opened up immense opportunities not only within the gaming industry, but has also had an impact on retail marketing with the characters appearing on toys, outfits and other merchandise. As the gaming world continues to evolve, Descendants games are sure to chart newer territories and engage players in more interesting ways.