Descendants Hair Salon

Descendants Hair Salon

About game «Descendants Hair Salon»

Two friends - Evie and Mel, are planning to clean up and visit a beauty salon before the upcoming holiday - Students' Day. The beauties are sure that they can solve all the skin problems that have arisen with the help of miraculous masks. After the beauty treatments, Evie and Mel put on a light make-up, and then proceed to the selection of hairstyles and outfits. We need a girl who can help our main characters. Their hair needs to be styled fabulously, and this will require your professional help. In this game for girls on the site Desura you will braid pigtails, cut and dye girls' hair, while creating new images for characters. Use only quality and correct tools to work with their hair. And on the second game page, try to choose new clothes for the characters to match their new haircuts. Go for it!

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