Masked Forces Unlimited

Masked Forces Unlimited

About game «Masked Forces Unlimited»

In Masked Forces Unlimited you have to become a real soldier and take part in the toughest gunfights. You will be thrown into the very epicenter of a bloody war. This browser-based online shooter risks becoming a killer of your free time. So, first you should choose the game mode. In the "Hike" mode, you will complete military missions. There will be three of them in total. The first mission requires you to win a deadly battle with enemy soldiers. In the second mission, you have to eliminate three enemies. But in the third mission, you will have to survive for fifty seconds in a tough firefight. For each successfully completed mission, you will receive a monetary reward that can be spent on new weapons and ammunition. "Online PVP" mode means that you will be playing with live players online. There are two options in this mode - create a room and quick play. You can create a room yourself, choose a map and a game mode. A total of five maps will be available: factory, bastion, blockade, barricade and freedom. But there will be only three modes: every player for himself, a team and the end of the world. In a quick game, you can join the existing room and fight other players. Good luck!

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