Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus

Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus

About the game - Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus

Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus is an addictive online shooting game that not only provides a fun way to unwind, but also improves your stress management and decision-making skills. In this game, a deadly coronavirus has infected the population post-mortem, turning them into various monsters. As a member of a special forces team, your mission is to rid several cities of these creatures. Your character, fully armed, is positioned at a specific location. Use the control keys to guide your hero in the desired direction. Be alert and when you spot a monster, aim your weapon and start firing. Every monster you eliminate earns you points.

Masked Forces Vs. Coronavirus can be played solo or with another player. You can either complete the campaign missions or engage in online battles with other players. This exciting game requires players to eliminate virus mutations and features four game modes: Kill, Night Kill, Find Artifacts and Survival.

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What are the benefits of playing Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus

Playing Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus offers several advantages. It not only provides an entertaining way to relax, but also helps improve your decision-making skills and ability to handle stress. The game's multiple modes and challenging missions keep the gameplay interesting and engaging. Whether you're playing solo or with another player, Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus promises an exciting gaming experience.