Mad Day Special

Mad Day Special

About game «Mad Day Special»

Marine Bob once again sets off to save his little friend from evil aliens. In the game Mad Day Special you have to stand alone against hordes of alien invaders who intend to take over the planet. They decided to act small and kidnapped Bob's pet octopus named Fluffy. The aliens did it in vain, because our hero turned out to be a man of an awkward ten and a steel military hardening. Now they are in trouble! In the first part about the adventures of a soldier, you sit behind the wheel of an armored car and rush off to fight enemies. The car will go forward automatically, and you have to overcome obstacles and destroy evil aliens. Collect gold coins and sweet candies for Fluffy along the way. You can treat the octopus to his favorite treat. In gratitude, he will spin the wheel of fortune, and you will receive a useful bonus.

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