Baby Hazel Playdate

Baby Hazel Playdate

About the game - Baby Hazel Playdate

Meet Hazel, an adorable little girl who loves spending time in the park with her mom. In the browser-based game Baby Hazel Playdate, you'll join Hazel and her mom on their daily outings. The game is divided into several levels, each with the primary goal of keeping Hazel happy and tear-free. A happiness meter at the top of the screen will help you gauge Hazel's mood. Hazel's mom is always there to change her diaper, give her a bath, play with her toys, and take her for walks. As you play, you'll grow to love Hazel and her adorable antics. Despite her limited vocabulary, Hazel communicates her needs through images in a cloud. Your task is to understand these images and meet Hazel's needs before she starts crying.

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What are the benefits of playing Baby Hazel Playdate?

Playing Baby Hazel Playdate is not only fun, it's also educational. It helps players develop empathy and understanding as they learn to respond to Hazel's needs. The game also encourages quick thinking and decision-making skills, as players must act quickly to keep Hazel happy. In addition, Baby Hazel Playdate is a great way to introduce children to the responsibilities of caring for a baby. So why wait? Start playing Baby Hazel Playdate today!