Deul Kids

Deul Kids

About the game Deul Kids

Step into the shoes of Puli, a character in Deul Kids, a casual browser-based online game. Puli is a master sniper with unparalleled reflexes, and she's on a mission that needs your help. Whether it's a bottle or a villain, nothing can stand in her way. Test your skills in two different game modes and help Puli complete her mission.

Deul Kids is not just a game; it's a platform to prove your shooting skills. The game features two modes. In Beat the Score, your goal is to eliminate as many baddies as possible to earn points. But beware, shooting before your opponent moves will cost you a penalty. Study, strategize, and outsmart your opponent. Maybe you can bring down that expensive chandelier on your enemy, or disarm him before he can shoot you? A successful shot earns you three points, disarming earns you two, and killing an enemy earns you one. In the second mode, your goal is to shoot as many bottles as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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What are the advantages of playing Deul Kids

Playing Deul Kids is not just about having fun, it's also about improving your reflexes and strategic thinking. The game encourages players to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions to overcome challenges. It's a great way to relax while honing your problem-solving skills. Plus, the satisfaction of outsmarting your opponents in Deul Kids is a reward in itself.