Dr. Rocket

Dr. Rocket

About the game Dr. Rocket

Dr. Rocket is an exciting online game that puts you in the role of a scientist developing super-powerful rockets for interplanetary flights. The game takes place in a world where all projects are completed and full-size copies of the rockets have been built. The final stage is flight testing, and that's where you come in. Your role is to supervise these tests, a task that is both challenging and exciting. The game begins on the surface of a planet where your first rocket will be launched. You'll need to build trajectories and manage engine starts to ensure the longest flight possible. As you progress, you'll need to break existing records to advance to new levels. Are you ready to become a record holder?

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What are the advantages of playing Dr. Rocket

Playing Dr. Rocket is not only fun, it also offers several benefits. It improves your problem solving skills as you figure out how to build the best trajectories for your rockets. It also improves your decision-making skills as you have to make quick decisions during the flight tests. Dr. Rocket also stimulates your competitive spirit as you strive to beat existing records and become a record holder. So why wait? Start playing Dr. Rocket now and enjoy these benefits while having a blast!