About the game Alien

Alien is an exciting multiplayer game that challenges you to become the most formidable alien invader by leveling an entire city. All players in Alien start at the same point and grow in size and power by absorbing items scattered across the globe. From the smallest to the largest buildings, everything is up for grabs. Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Sometimes your alien is not big enough to take over a property. It's often better to focus on smaller objects, as your competitors will grow quickly and could trap you at any moment. It's an exciting game that challenges the common belief that aliens don't exist in our world. Well, they do in Alien, and they're here to have some fun!

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What are the advantages of playing Alien

Playing Alien has many advantages. It's not only about fun and entertainment, but also about strategy and quick thinking. The game encourages players to make strategic decisions about what to absorb to grow in size and when to avoid larger competitors. It also promotes quick reflexes and decision-making, as players must react quickly to the actions of others. In addition, Alien offers a unique twist on the popular .io game genre by incorporating elements of city destruction and alien invasion. So why wait? Enter the world of Alien and start your invasion today!