Twin Sisters Wedding

Twin Sisters Wedding

About game «Twin Sisters Wedding»

A wedding is definitely the happiest and most festive day. Every bride is convinced that she will go perfectly. But sometimes, she needs helpers to keep her nerves and be confident in her beautiful day. In the game Twin Sisters Wedding you will have to experience the pre-wedding chores for yourself and become a magical savior for two princesses. Twin sisters are getting married. The girls chose one day for their celebrations, so you have twice as much trouble. Help them get together. First, apply light makeup. It should be gentle and natural. Use the cosmetics on the table by the mirror. Accentuate girls' eyes with an eyeshadow palette and mascara, and match lipstick in color. Add freshness to their faces with powder. Also, you can even choose the shape of the brides' eyebrows. When the makeup is ready, you can move on to the outfit and hair. In the wardrobe, you will find all the items you need. Click on them to view the entire range of offered items.

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