Clara Wedding Planner

Clara Wedding Planner

About game «Clara Wedding Planner»

Today Clara has one of the most important and significant days in her life. Today she will become a married woman, which means that she needs to carefully prepare for this special day. To do this, you first need to choose a wedding dress, accessories, shoes, hairstyle, makeup and much more for the wedding. Clara called her friends to help her, but the girls are not doing well, the bride really needs your help, rather start the game and help Clara prepare. First, you need to divide all the preparations for the wedding into stages, then proceed to choosing a dress for our stunning bride. First you need to choose a wedding dress, there are a lot of options and everything is beautiful in its own way, choose wisely. The next step will be the choice of shoes, try to choose shoes to match the tone of the wedding dress, and also take into account the comfort of the shoes, because the bride will be in them all day.

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