Anime Love Balls Girls

Anime Love Balls Girls

About game «Anime Love Balls Girls»

A lot of children like to watch anime cartoons. Now, for these little fans, we want to demonstrate a new logic game Anime Love Balls Girls. When the game starts, you will be offered to select a complexity level. Then, a square playing ground will be visible in front of you. Within it there will be balls with pictures of faces of different actresses from anime cartoons. Your mission is to clear the screen from them. To this end, attentively observe everything and look for a cluster of totally the same items. Once you notice them, connect them using the mouse with a line. Once you do this, those balls will be cleared off from the screen and you will be granted points for this. In such way, by carrying out such actions, you will clear the screen of balls and receive points for this. Develop your skills and become the best player of all times!

Watch how to play: