About the game Taxistory

Taxistory is an addictive online game where you take the role of a taxi driver navigating through a bustling city. Your mission is to find passengers and take them to their desired destinations. To succeed, you'll need to activate your car's speed boost and stay alert at intersections to avoid collisions with other vehicles. The game ends when you cross the finish line, having picked up and delivered all the customers on each level. As you progress, you can earn money to purchase new vehicles and enhance your taxi driving experience in Taxistory. This game is one of our selected free car games. Show off your excellent driving skills, deliver all your passengers on time and remember to keep an eye on the clock - no passenger likes to be late!

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What are the advantages of playing Taxistory

Playing Taxistory offers several advantages. Not only does it provide an entertaining way to pass the time, but it also helps improve your reaction time and decision-making skills as you navigate through the city. The game also offers a sense of progression with the ability to earn money and purchase new vehicles. And with its browser-based platform, you can enjoy Taxistory anytime, anywhere. So why wait? Start your taxi driving adventure with Taxistory today!