Mermaid Ruined Wedding

Mermaid Ruined Wedding

About game «Mermaid Ruined Wedding»

In the virtual game Mermaid Ruined Wedding, the players have to save Ariel's wedding ceremony. Clean up the hall, restore the cake and dress. Today has come the long-awaited day when the little mermaid is getting married. However, the evil sea witch decided to spoil the celebration. To disrupt the wedding, she destroyed the banquet hall, the cake and tore the dress. The bride is in despair. Start the game and help the little mermaid out. First, arrange the chairs and tables, lay out the tablecloths, and discard the broken dishes. Next, do some magic on the cake to fix the fallen figures. And at the end of the game, dress up the mermaid in a wedding outfit. This game will bring you a lot of exciting emotions and memories. The skills you acquire here you can then apply in your real life. So have fun!

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