The mousebreaker games category contains games that are presented on the portal. This portal contains the best free online games in a wide variety of genres and categories.

What Mousebreaker do we have? specializes in sports games of different types and genres. The portal contains games dedicated to all existing sports. Also, this portal contains a huge number of fighting games. These interesting and addictive games keep the player on their toes for hours.

The portal offers games with a plot of active sports, so every player can find here a football match or a boxing championship, a hockey simulator or a training series of tennis games.

The portal also offers games that are devoted to more relaxed sports: you will find here golf games, as well as games in which the ability to think logically is useful to the player much more than physical endurance.

Why are mousebreaker games attractive to players?

The mousebreaker games section is always about adventures and interesting missions, quests and intense competitions. If you want to experience exciting emotions, then you should definitely try to play different games.

Here you will find races and competitions, here you can master a variety of types of transport. Among games, you will find simulators of any profession, so you will have the opportunity to try from the inside out what the profession of an athlete or doctor, teacher or football coach is.

The portal with mousebreaker games is also attractive because the number of games on the portal is constantly growing. You can look at the portal every day, and every day you will see new games here that will be better and more interesting than the previous ones.

Who are the creators of mousebreaker games?

Mousebreaker portal is the result of a team of talented guys from the UK who organized a site where they decided to collect the best free games. Gradually the popularity of this site began to grow and went far beyond the borders of the UK alone.

The main principle of the mousebreaker games team was the availability of games for any user. You can play games from any device. In order to immerse yourself in the interesting and colorful world of online games, just go to the portal and select one of the games.

The Mousebreaker creative team actively cooperates with game developers and posts on its portal those works that meet the quality of the portal's policy. Therefore, among games there are a lot of such games that were created by portal users. In order to join the development team, you must register on the portal and carefully read the terms and conditions.

The Mousebreaker team allows its users and regular visitors to the site not only to have fun while playing, but also to develop their creativity, as they provide the conditions for creating and hosting custom games.

There are people of different ages among fans of mousebreaker games, and everyone finds something interesting for themselves here: young children enjoy playing games for the little ones, and adult players can master complex sports simulations.