Ghost Wiper

Ghost Wiper

About the game - Ghost Wiper

Ghost Wiper is an addictive online game that introduces you to two brothers who have started a unique business - a cleaning company that specializes in ridding houses of harmful spirits. The game begins when you receive an emergency call from a haunted house. Your mission? To navigate through 20 rooms, trapping and eliminating evil spirits. The gameplay involves controlling both brothers - a strong, dexterous redhead and his intelligent, quick-thinking companion. You can also invite a friend to control either character. The brothers use special traps and weapons to lure and capture the ghosts. But remember, you'll need to collect items along the way to keep your ghost-hunting business thriving. So join the Ghostbusters squad and go on a thrilling ghost hunt with Ghost Wiper!

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What are the benefits of playing Ghost Wiper

Playing Ghost Wiper not only provides an exciting gaming experience, but also offers several benefits. It encourages strategic thinking as you plan how to trap and eliminate ghosts. The game also encourages teamwork, especially when played with a friend. In addition, Ghost Wiper helps improve hand-eye coordination as you navigate through the haunted house. So why wait? Start playing Ghost Wiper today and enjoy these benefits while having fun!