Bomber 3D

Bomber 3D

About game «Bomber 3D»

In the game Bomber 3D, you will join the ranks of brave bomber men and become a real master of explosives. To start the game, you only need two components - a worthy opponent and fighting spirit. Are you ready to smash your opponent to shreds and claim victory? Then go ahead! Before starting the game, choose one of the four maps and its size. It can be small, medium, large or extra large. It all depends only on the level of your training and passion. The larger the map, the more difficult it is to destroy the opponent, because he will have where to hide. The first player will play as a man in a red suit, and the second as a hero in a blue outfit. Each character can plant bombs, but it is better do it near the enemy. Therefore, you should keep your ears open and not hesitate. As soon as there is a bomb near you, you urgently need to run away in search of a secluded spot. The winner is the one who can develop the right tactics and undermine the enemy. So try it! Enjoy your game and good luck!

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