Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

About the game Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Step into the ring with Ragdoll Duel: Boxing, a casual browser-based game that's all about fun and relaxation. This unique boxing game lets you control a rag doll boxer, providing a light-hearted and enjoyable way to relax. Whether you're a boxing novice or a seasoned pro, Ragdoll Duel: Boxing offers a unique twist on the traditional boxing game.

Choose between one-player and two-player modes, depending on whether you want to challenge the computer or a friend. In one-player mode, you'll face off against a computer-controlled puppet, while in two-player mode, each player controls their own puppet and aims to land crushing blows on their opponent. Before the fight begins, players can select their puppet boxers, each with their own unique abilities. Once in the ring, use the arrow keys or WASD keys to maneuver your puppet, and press G or K to throw punches. Keep an eye on the health indicators at the top of the screen to monitor your progress.

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What are the benefits of playing Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Playing Ragdoll Duel: Boxing isn't just about winning, it's about having fun and relaxing. The game's unique puppet boxing concept offers a fresh take on traditional boxing games, making it a great choice for players looking for something different. Plus, with the option to play against the computer or a friend, Ragdoll Duel: Boxing offers plenty of replayability. Whether you're a boxing fan or just looking for a fun, casual game to pass the time, Ragdoll Duel: Boxing is a knockout choice.