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About game « Club»

We are glad to announce you that Sonic saga is not finished, and his adventures are only starting, to which confirmation is the new application with the online mode Club, a game where you, like thousands of players from all over the world, will collect the ill-fated gold rings. Why they are Sonic - it is not known, but he does this occupation again and again, only this time together with the rest of the players, the results of which at the end can be compared and find out who is the best of the best! To collect the rings you will have to run, and run fast, that is, do what Sonic is used to. However, while running, we would advise you to pay attention not only to the heroes of the other players, but also to your feet, you never know if you suddenly see sharp thorns growing right out of the ground, or fall on a sharp saw, in general, look carefully ahead and beware of dangers.

Watch how to play: